Managing Raw Product in Your Supply Chain

Your typical agricultural supply chain involves growers, haulers, processors, inspectors, distributors, and others before the food reaches the tables of the consumer. Without tight controls over every aspect of your raw product, you are vulnerable to data inconsistencies and operational inefficiencies that will negatively impact the food you produce and the bottom line. Food manufacturers and processors, like you, need a clear view of the entire supply chain.

The ExtendAg system eliminates the guesswork from the planning and management of your raw product supply chain. This single system seamlessly integrates with your existing ERP system to keep you connected to every stage of your operation. Now you have real-time data access anytime, anywhere, so you can ensure peak performance from all raw product activities.

The ExtendAg System Product Suite

Growing &

Yield Estimating

Chemical Compliance
& Crop Management

Receiving &

Delivery Scheduling

Weighing & Inspection

Inventory &

Raw Product

Storage Tracking

Payment &

Grower Accounting

ERP Integration

The ExtendAg System Product Suite


Powerful and Secure

At the core of this robust, cloud-based application is an extensive data-assigned rights and privileges security system.

All system activity is carefully tracked, permissions-specific data is filtered by role, and SOX-compliant reporting is at your fingertips.

powerful secure