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ExtendAg is the leading grower management system in the industry.

Software designed to manage your specific needs

Contracting with suppliers and brokers, monitoring the crop and inputs, dealing with food safety concerns and compliance, coordinating harvest supply and plant demand, managing raw product inventory, keeping growers informed, providing traceability, and calculating grower accounting pricing and payments. These are all complicated tasks that can have a huge impact on the success of a food company.

One complete solution

By introducing a single system to manage the crop, raw product, and growers, ExtendAg delivers operational efficiencies across the entire supply side of the enterprise. One system. One truth.


Our software was developed with tremendous flexibility built-in, so the system can conform to your unique business requirements and practices. The application can be accessed anywhere from any device.

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Saving time means saving money and ExtendAg does both.

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Single solution

ExtendAg’s grower accounting system streamlines all activities through our user-friendly application, leading to better tracking and fewer errors.

Integrates with ERP

ExtendAg seamlessly integrates with all of the popular ERP systems. Our software engineers will even customize your ExtendAg application to incorporate unique grower pricing and payment terms.

Complete transparency

Access to real-time data provides for the most accurate and up-to-date reporting, providing a complete picture of all financial activity when you need it.


ExtendAg is a subscription-based solution. The final cost is based on the number of locations and users.

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ExtendAg offers a fully-customizable suite of grower management software.


Knowing that a one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t work, our team of software engineers are ready to make custom changes to fit your organization’s needs.


We’ve been providing grower supply chain software to our clients for over 20 years, constantly updating and refining to match the changing industry’s needs. With the backing of one of the world’s premier software development companies, you can be sure we’ll be supporting your needs long into the future.

Integrates with ERP

ExtendAg seamlessly integrates with the most popular ERP systems. And our support team is with you every step of the way, from setup and implementation, to diagnostics and troubleshooting.

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ExtendAg delivers operational efficiencies.

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One system

The ExtendAg grower management software tracks all activities through a single system. Real-time data can be accessed anytime, anywhere, ensuring all grower and raw product activities are operating at peak performance.

Grower transparency

Information and tracking for each grower activity is accounted for, including chemical compliance, harvest tracking, and receiving and grading. Streamlined monitoring of activity means greater transparency, communication, and coordination during every stage of the process, including payment.


One system with full transparency increases productivity, while eliminating time spent correcting omissions and mistakes.

Plant Manager Plant Manager

From harvest tracking to receiving and grading, ExtendAg brings efficiency at every stage of getting raw product to the plant.

Complete visibility

Real-time data tracks and notifies you of raw product coming in while also recording the load’s quality and grade.Combine inherent food safety, compliance, and traceability options, and your plant is operating with absolute transparency.

One system

From field to processing plant, all activity is recorded within ExtendAg’s grower management system. Accessing all data from a single source results in less confusion, fewer errors, and overall greater efficiency.


A single, integrated solution is ideal for product traceability. Seeing each stage of a product’s journey to the plant empowers you to pinpoint issues with quality and avoid disruptions in your operations.

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Why ExtendAg?

ERP systems do a great job of managing the finished goods side of your business. ExtendAg integrates with your ERP system to provide all the tools you need to manage the supply side of your business.