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Rework, data integrity issues and potential system failures pose a major threat to the supply chain.

Running the risk.

It can be overwhelming thinking about what happens if systems stop working. It can be very resource intensive to keep legacy systems alive. The risk is high as these systems track critical activities against compliance and financial payments.

Resources drained maintaining instead of value generating.

Maintaining legacy systems can turn into an unfortunate burden for smart IT professionals. Instead of working on delivering innovation to the company, time is spent anxiously preventing system failures.

Holding back based on your ERP implementation.

ERP solutions are extremely powerful, and as such, usually have long timelines. Waiting until these are completed creates frustration to those hoping to go live with solutions that can give them a competitive advantage and impact business today, instead of years into the future.

IT Manager

Why ExtendAg?

ExtendAg does data integrity, your way. Our ERP agnostic solution lets you deliver value to your internal stakeholders today. Meanwhile, you get the benefit of being in control of the data without the burden of handling it. You can feel safe and secure knowing your data is safe and secure too.