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SOX compliance, audits, improper payments can be scary when you don't have the right systems in place.

Lack of data integrity

When the data you need is across multiple documents, without access restrictions, you don’t know if it’s accurate. You also don’t know if it’s been tampered with or incorrectly manipulated. This means it can take weeks to get ready for an audit or other compliance inspections and puts you and your company in jeopardy.

Improper payments to your growers

Without a contracting software that specializes in grower accounting, you might be under or over paying your growers. This can lead to overrun on costs, or worst, puts you at a legal risk.

A giant liability

When clean and accurate financial reporting feels like an impossible task, it poses major liabilities for an organization. You could become susceptible to embezzlement, fraud, legal or other situations that are any financial manager’s worst case scenario.

Finance Manager

Reduce your compliance and audit risks with ExtendAg

Now you can benefit from comprehensive, compliant, and secure data collection across your enterprise that is easy to access and can be customized to your financial reporting needs. All system activity is carefully tracked, permissions-specific data is filtered by role, and SOX-compliant reporting is at your fingertips. Your risks are substantially reduced and you can feel in control over your reporting deliverables.