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ExtendAg is the leading grower management system in the industry.

Software designed to manage your specific needs

Contracting with suppliers and brokers, monitoring the crop and inputs, dealing with food safety concerns and compliance, coordinating harvest supply and plant demand, managing raw product inventory, keeping growers informed, providing traceability, and calculating grower accounting pricing and payments. These are all complicated tasks that can have a huge impact on the success of a food company.

One complete solution

By introducing a single system to manage the crop, raw product, and growers, ExtendAg delivers operational efficiencies across the entire supply side of the enterprise. One system. One truth.


Our software was developed with tremendous flexibility built-in, so the system can conform to your unique business requirements and practices. The application can be accessed anywhere from any device.

Food Processing Executive

Why ExtendAg?

ERP systems do a great job of managing the finished goods side of your business. ExtendAg integrates with your ERP system to provide all the tools you need to manage the supply side of your business.