Mission-Critical Solution Mission-Critical Solution

Trusted by the Agri-Food Industry for 45+ Years

ERP-Integrated Supply Chain Solution for Tomato Processors

Managing contracts, monitoring crop quality and readiness, ensuring food safety, coordinating supply and demand, managing inventory, informing growers, ensuring traceability, and calculating payments are all crucial tasks for the success of a tomato processing operation.

As a single system that integrates seamlessly with your ERP and existing systems, ExtendAg eliminates the complexities of tomato crop processing, delivering operational efficiencies across your entire tomato supply chain. One system. One truth.


Mission-Critical Solution

Real-Time Data & Visbility Real-Time Data & Visbility

Gain Visibility of Raw Tomatoes from the Field to Your Plant

Real-Time Data & Visbility

Optimize Your Tomato Supply Chain with Real-Time Data and Complete Transparency

Gain access to data and up-to-date reporting for a complete picture of the health of your tomato supply chain anytime, anywhere, ensuring you’re operating at peak performance.

Real-time data tracks and notifies you of incoming raw product while recording the load quality and grade. With built-in food safety, compliance, and traceability options, your plant operates with complete transparency.

Our centralized, ERP-integrated crop management solution reduces confusion, minimizes errors, and enhances overall efficiency.

Flexible & Customizable Flexible & Customizable

Customize to Your Unique Workflows and Business Rules

Designed for Tomato Processors, Customized to Your Specific Operations

We understand that every tomato processor has unique challenges and processes, which is why we’ve built the ExtendAg solution to be flexible and customizable to meet your specific business needs.

We take the time to understand your current practices for raw tomato sourcing, grower payments, and integration needs. Whether you package, can, dry, freeze, bottle, or store your tomatoes, you’ll benefit from our comprehensive, compliant, secure crop management solution.

Flexible & Customizable

Productivity & Efficiency Productivity & Efficiency

Improve Your Operational Efficiency and Productivity

Productivity & Efficiency

Eliminate Disruptions in the Journey from the Field to the Plant

Streamline every step of your tomato supply chain, from planning to payment, by seamlessly connecting field operations to processing plants. Reduce system failures, enhance data quality, and ensure a more efficient and productive operation.

Gain complete control and visibility over each grower activity, including chemical compliance, harvest tracking, and grading so that you can proactively plan, foster strong grower relationships, and pinpoint quality issues to avoid operational disruptions.

Smooth production quality by automatically assigning the right tomato loads to the right processing lines based on specified criteria using Load Sequencer.

Reliability Reliability

Trusted, Experienced, Secure and Reliable

Robust Technology and Premium Service You Can Count On

We’ve been providing the agri-food industry with innovative, mission-critical software for over 45 years, continuously enhancing our solution to meet the industry’s evolving needs and reducing the burden of developing and maintaining in-house solutions.

Our industry-trained customer service and support team provides 24/7 support for your mission-critical raw product receiving operation. We view our customers as partners, collaborating closely to optimize your tomato processing operations.

ExtendAg is a Cultura Technologies business and part of an extended portfolio of Agribusiness focused solutions.



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